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Go M.A.D. Fitness Milan is equipped with skilled trainers, top-notch equipment, and programs to maintain your motivation and progress. We invite you to visit for a tour and to pick up an information packet. Your success is our promise. Start making a difference in your life today!

The name, “Go M.A.D. Fitness” is short for “Go Make a Difference Fitness.” Our MISSION is to make a difference in the community and in our member’s lives through health and fitness.

Go M.A.D. Fitness Milan

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Milan Club Benefits

Strength Training/Free Weights

Our facility features a variety of equipment, including rubber-plated free weights. Engaging in regular weight training offers numerous benefits. It boosts your metabolism, builds lean muscle, reduces the risk of injury, enhances flexibility, and delivers quick results.


Our selection includes various types of cardio equipment, designed to cater to your fitness needs. Cardio training comes with a wide range of benefits: it aids in weight management, strengthens the heart and lungs, enhances bone density, lowers stress levels, diminishes the risk of heart disease, offers temporary relief from depression and anxiety, boosts self-confidence regarding your appearance and feelings, and improves sleep quality.

Smoothie Bar

Grabbing a smoothie from our smoothie bar after a workout is a refreshing way to replenish and rehydrate. A freshly blended smoothie, packed with a mix of fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious ingredients like protein powders, can provide the essential nutrients needed to aid recovery and muscle repair.

Corporate Wellness

Studies show that fit employees are actually more energetic and more productive. Go M.A.D. Fitness offers onsite fitness classes for businesses of all sizes. We also offer onsite Lunch and Learns for your staff which focus on fitness and nutrition. Improve employee productivity, lower premiums by having a healthier staff, and best of all feel great! Corporate Wellness programs and discounted membership options are available.

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